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euphoriel's Journal

Tarathene Spellborn
1 April
I am naught but myself — albeit a rather strange self. Read my journal if you want to know more about me. Even better, get to know me first, then read my journal, then ask me about it. I am not my differences from the rest of you, nor am I my issues that you and I might share. I am Me.

This journal is completely restricted to the people on my friends list. I have done this because of the sensitive nature of quite a bit of the material presented, not because I don't want people to know what's going on in my life. If you want to read anything the best way to do so would be to e-mail me if you have my e-mail address already from elsewhere, making sure to include your LiveJournal username. Otherwise, simply add my journal to your friends list and I'll read your journal and likely add you to my own friends list.

Note: If you wish to interact with me then you may also need to interact with jackelyn and lilith_eternal to some extent. Please let us know if you would prefer to deal with just me and we will try to accomidate you. For the moment we are trying to keep our presence on LiveJournal as separate as possible, but since we are normally all reading everything on here at the same time some confusion is prabably inevitable If you have questions, ask one of us and we will try to respond as quickly as is possible.
altermeta, androgyny, angels, anime, art, balloons, being in love, being touched, black, bodices, body modification, bondage, books, breast enlargement, breast milk, canandaigua lake, casual nudity, chatting, cloaks, cold, collars, compersion, conjoinment, corsets, cuddling, cyberpunk, darkness, deflation, deviantart, dragons, dreams, earth, egypt, elements, encasement, energy, eternity, evanescence, eyes, fantasy, felines, fire, fluorescence, flying, freedom, furry transformations, gamer girls, genetics, girl geeks, girls with nice hair, glitter, gummie bears, guys with nice hair, hermaphrodites, honesty, hot, ice, implants, inanimate transformation, inflation, insanity, interstellar travel, irc, japanese rope bondage, kissing, knowledge, knowlege, kooshes, lactation, latex, licking, life, light, lightning, liquid latex, liquid transformation, living toys, love, making people into objects, merging, mind, movies, mp3s, multiplicity, music, mythology, nakedness, nature, nudity, oceans, ooze, otherkin, pansexuality, people as toys, physics, piercings, plastic, playing, plushies, pocky, polyamory, pregnancy, purple, rain, rainbows, reading, reincarnation, rubber, sapiosexual, saran wrap, science fiction, sensuality, sex, shapeshifting, shiny things, silver, sleep, sleeping, snow, snuggling, solid cast bondage, space, spiderwebs, spirituality, stars, tails, tattoos, techno, thunder, thunderstorms, touching, transexual, transformation, transhumanism, unbirth, unnaturally colored hair, violet, vore, water, wind, wings, writing, xenofetish, xenophilia, ,